Zurna And Mizmar

Mizmar & Zurna.
In Egypt, the term Mizmar usually refers to the conical Shawm that is called Zurna in Turkey.

The Mizmar and the Zurna are ancient double reed wind instrument which is polar across the Middle East. It is also very old in its design. The sound of the Mizmar is very loud and is usually played outside for weddings and celebrations. It has a small range and is traditionally only used for folk music. There are many similar instruments across Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

Mizmar is also a term used for a group of musicians, usually a duo or trio, that play a mizmar instrument along with an accompaniment of one or two double-sided bass drums, known in Arabic as tabl baladi or simply tabl. Mizmars are usually played in Egypt at weddings.

Mizmar Egyptain Saffa and Saidi

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