Music For Film & Television

Specialists in Middle Eastern Wind, String and Percussion Instruments:

Maren Lueg:

Full range of Arabic Nay flutes.

Full range of Turkish Ney flutes.

Egyptian Kawala Flutes.

Turkish Zurna’s (Double Reed instruments).

Egyptian Mizmar’s (Double Reed Instruments).

Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophone in western style and Arabic Style with Arabic ornamentation and micro-tones

Wooden  &  Silver Transfers Flute.


Masters in Near & Middle Eastern Music.

Degree in Jazz and World Music.

Chas Whitaker:

Arabic and Turkish Percussion.

Turkish Darabuka, Egyptian Tabla (Goblet Shaped Drum).

Dahola,Doumbaka, Sombati(Goblet Shaped Drum).

Duff  &  Bendir (Middle Eastern Frame Drum).

Riq & Mazhar (Middle Eastern Tambourine).

Zills, Segat & Toura (Middle Eastern Finger cymbals.)
To find out more about Chas’s please visit his website

Russell Harris:

Turkish and Arabic Oud (String Instrument),

Turkish Baglama Saz (string Instrument),

Egyptian Rabab (Spike Fiddle),

Iranian Percussion.

Audio file:

Recording by Maren Lueg – Nay flute and Chas Whitaker -  Percussion:

Arabic Nay Flute and Arabic Percussion


Recording by Maren Lueg – Kawala Flute, Russell Harris -  Rabab and Chas Whitaker -  Percussion.

Egyptian Kawala Flute, Rabab, Arabic Percussion


Recording by Maren Lueg -  Arabic Nay, Russell Harris – Oud, and Chas Whitaker – Percussion: 

Classical Arabic Nay Flute, Oud and Percussion


Recording by Maren Lueg – Arabic Nay – Russell Harris – Rabab, and Chas Whitaker – Percussion: 

Arabic Nay, Egyptian Rabab, Arabic Percussion


Recording by Chas Whitaker:

Arabic Drum Composition by Chas Whitaker

BBC2 Live from Glastonbury Festival 2008- Phill Jupitus,
Soprano Saxophone: Maren Lueg, Darabuka: Chas Whitaker,
Oriental Dance: Carmen Jones.


Examples of film music compositions by Maren Lueg:

Tibet and Central Asia:
Composition by Maren Lueg
Tenor and Soprano Saxophone: Maren Lueg.
All sound effects by Maren Lueg.

Composition by Maren Lueg.
Tenor and Soprano Saxophone: Maren Lueg.

Arabic Percussion: Chas Whitaker and Arabic Nay: Maren Lueg.