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Maren Lueg – Arabic Nay Flute, Turkish Clarinet, Zurna, Mizmar and Saxophone and Silver Flute.
Maren was born and raised in Germany and is now resident in the UK. Inspired by the sound she heard from the Turkish and East European communities, she began studying these styles as well as Jazz, Blues and Latin on the saxophone and flute. She performs regularly with British and Arab musicians around the UK and has studied such traditional Middle Eastern wind instruments as the Nay (bamboo flute) and Zurna (double reed pipe) in Turkey and Egypt. Maren is currently working on her Masters in Arabic Ney and Middle Eastern Music at the School of Oriental and African Studies (London University). She has performed Arabic Music at many festivals as such the Glastonbury Festivals and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and taught courses in Middle Eastern music at the Bristol University, Doris World Music Summer School, Majma Dance Festival and at the Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp.

Maren Lueg teaching a Workshop in Middle Eastern Music at the Beverley Molescroft Primary School, East Riding of Yorkshire
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